it’s all about the people

These are our secret weapons. The hidden keys. Our unfair advantage.

They’re fully immersed and 100% committed to the mission-driven work we do here every day. They’re the proxies through which we impose our fully-aligned purpose, to create change in your organization. And then your community. And then the world.

  • Misti Aaronson
  • Kristen Abbott
  • Steffi Birchard
    Client Success Manager
  • Jeff Cherry
    Managing General Partner, SHIFT Ventures & Founder, Conscious Venture Lab
  • Andrew Freedman
    Managing Partner
  • Julie Gelb
    Director of Marketing
  • Jess Greenwood
    Head of Product
  • Eliza Graham
    Chief Impact Officer
  • Jeff Lesher
    Managing Director, D.C.
  • Rita McDearman
    Director of Finance
  • Joe Mechlinski
  • Whitney Siders
  • Beth Spurrier