Your Working Well Survey

Working Well Survey

Compared to other remote work surveys, our Working Well Survey accounts for work and well-being—helping leaders to surface the problems, pressing priorities, and pragmatics of dealing with the workforce uproar brought on by COVID-19.

Now is the time to listen, learn, and land on the things that matter most to your organization presently and in the future.

Launch now if you want to...

  • Understand how remote or hybrid work is affecting your team
  • Learn how well-being is influencing performance and productivity
  • Proactively prepare for the COVID-19 surge
  • Develop your strategic plan with real-time data
  • Support your employees and clients no matter what 2021 brings

As soon as you sign-up, you'll have the chance to select a time for your kick-off call with the SHIFT team. We'll also follow-up with scheduling details via email and get you on your way to making positive change.

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