Over the last 15 years, SHIFT has experimented with routine after routine to find one that not only sticks, but effectively helps busy, driven individuals like you to:

  • Raise productivity
  • Shift performance, and
  • Boost engagement

The Hour of Power allows you to not only manage your time, but your energy. More importantly, this regular practice enables and empowers you to focus on only your most pressing priorities. The Hour of Power creates a rhythm for how you approach each day, and connects to your personal and professional objectives and goals.

  1. Learn to be more focused and present in every moment
  2. Discover how to prioritize the most important items each week
  3. Build the muscle of being more focused, proactive, and strategic
  4. Create a multi-dimensional life: body, balance, being, business and brains

Focusing your attention where it’s immediately needed doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.

To get engagement out of your head and into action you must activate a routine where you’re consistently spending time on the things that matter most.