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SHIFT U - Complicated Conversations

Through expert-led discussions and debates, you’ll gain communication tools to navigate the complicated conversations in your own business, personal, and civic life. By instilling better communication tactics, you’ll understand people more deeply, be more open-minded, and consider perspectives that differ from your own. 

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SHIFT U 2019 Fallback

Real Talk That Makes Real Impact

Oct 24, 2019 | 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

 Parkway Theatre in Baltimore

The world is rife with challenges that either divide or unite us. Join today's business leaders to take on life’s toughest conversations in politics, diversity, technology, morality, and mortality. Through expert-led discussions and debates, you’ll learn to tactfully navigate tough conversations to deliver greater impact.

Together, we can spread ideas that stand for more.

The Format - SHIFT U 2019

The Format

Opening exercises ease into an enriching keynote with Richard Saul Wurman, Founder of TED. Following his talk, attendees will engage in an interactive debate to hone their skills. The day resets with lunch before launching into more expert-led discussions, renewed debate and world-class sessions.


Richard Saul Wurman

You’ll also learn how to absorb and disperse new ideas from Richard Saul Wurman, our keynote speaker. As the Creator of TED and author of 90+ books, Richard’s prolific insights into the art of reinventing conversation inspire curiosity, creativity, and a deeper understanding of understanding.

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The Parkway Theatre Baltimore - SHIFT U 2019

The Parkway Theatre

Housed in the historic Parkway Theatre, SHIFT U will unite the region's top entrepreneurs and executives for their annual event. This spectacular backdrop adds to the drama and mystique of the day.

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"Today’s SHIFT U session was great. It’s actually one of my favorite one’s that we’ve had so far. I just really enjoy throwing myself into something that’s uncomfortable; where I could fail and could learn.”

Ed Callahan
Co-Founder, Planit

“The amount of connections that you make here is just absolutely incredible. Everyone’s so enthusiastic, so helpful. Everybody is trying to grow each other's businesses or help accomplish each other's goals.”

Evan Lutz
CEO and Co-Founder, Hungry Harvest

“We have incredibly intelligent people [at SHIFT U] and the speeches that were given were phenomenal. These are people I can lean on, bounce ideas off of.”

Bill Atkinson
Partner, 212 Communications

Presented by SHIFT Society

The third annual SHIFT U is presented by SHIFT Society. As the premier forward-thinking leadership community, SHIFT Society melds the brightest minds in business to deliver awe-inspiring experiences designed to inspire growth.

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